VMVS TOURS, UNIPESSOAL LDA, with headquarters at Rua Dona Helena Leal, n.o520 - 4415-412 Olival - Vila Nova de Gaia, registered at the Commercial Registry Office of Porto under number 513 867 503, with registered capital of € 25,000 and registered with the Turismo de Portugal RNAVT in 6179 and RNAAT in 250/2016, establishes the following general conditions and in addition to any Specific conditions agreed between the Customer and VMVS TOURS;
         • All services must be obligatorily requested and confirmed by email to info@vmvstours.pt;
         • The tours and transfers are made in car 9 seats;
         • The tours do not include unspecified meals, guided tours within the monuments, entries in monuments and other sites or services
           (Except those described in the brochure / website), costs or gratuities of any kind;
         • In the tours children up to 3 years old and there will be a 20% discount on the base price for children between 4 and 12;
         • We are not equipped with vehicles equipped to transport people in wheelchairs and so we ask our apologies;
         • The pick-ups of tours are considered in Oporto. Elsewhere the cost will have to be analyzed case by case, so there may be a
          increase in the cost of the tour;
         • All tours are subject to availability and only take place with a minimum of 4 people (with the exception of particular conditions agreed);
         • There will be no refund for cancellations less than 24 hours before the tours and 48h before the transfers;
         • For pick-ups at airports the driver will wait up to 60 minutes from the arrival time of the flight, in cruise ports, stations
           train and hotels the driver will wait up to 30 minutes free of charge. In the case of impossibility of compliance with these times, Customer shall
           get in touch with our services so that we can analyze the situation and there was no room at a cost for the additional waiting time;
         • Transfers will be monitored by the data provided by the customer and will not be responsible for errors and omissions of information
          provided by the Customer;
         • In transfers there will be a person waiting at the finish area with our identification and data provided by the Client;
         • Customer's responsibility to be alert and give correct information on the characteristics and type of baggage that accompanies them. The service may
           be made impossible if the characteristics and type of luggage are not conventional;
         • Do not be liable for baggage, goods and other items left in the vehicle;
         • Customers are always responsible for their baggage;
         • The transport of animals is permitted provided that in cases and according to the rules stipulated by law and only in private transfers;
         • Do not accept complaints or may become liable for occurring constraints due to traffic, mechanical failure or other
          conditions beyond our control;
         • The National monuments are closed on holidays. We can not be blamed for any temporary closures
         • All insurance are in accordance with the Portuguese legislation and Turismo de Portugal;

The VMVS TOURS can not be held responsible for any error that may occur in printing or printing and reserves the right to make any necessary changes with or without notice. INSURANCE: According to the Portuguese Law and Tourism of Portugal;
         • Liability (RNAVT), amounting to € 75,000 policy 8,110,076 in Lusitania Insurance;
         • Liability (RNAAT), amounting to € 50,000 policy 8,110,077 in Lusitania Insurance;
         • Personal Accident in the amount of € 20,000, 8,172,622 policy in Lusitania Insurance.

Smoking and / or alcoholic beverages are not allowed on vehicles. During stops customers will have the opportunity to smoking and drinking (moderately), while outside the car.

Reservations made by phone (+351931465757) or email (info@vmvstours.pt) will only be considered after deposit slip. Until then, they will be on pre-booking which ends 36 hours before the tour. The supporting payments will have to be be sent by e-mail and validated account with an advance of 48 hours before the tour.

If the tour is booked by another agent or partner, and we can not make for any reason (unavailability of vehicles / seats or fewer people), an alternative is presented. If the customer does not want or do not have the possibility of doing another date or another tour, it will be refunded 100% provided it complies with the notice of 36 hours. For direct bookings, we require a 50% deposit before the tour. This payment can be refunded 100% if the customer wants to cancel the tour (with prior notice of 36 hours) or for some exceptional reason we can not run (unavailability of vehicles / seats or fewer people). The remaining 50% must be paid directly to the guide or driver before the ride begins. After full payment, the amount will be non-refundable.

Cash, PayPal, Visa, Mastercard, or by bank transfer to the account of VMVS TOURS UNIPESSOAL LDA (Bank: Caixa Económica Montepio Geral; IBAN: PT50.0036.0070.99100109191.42; BIC / SWIFT: MPIOPTPL)

Passengers must remain in their seats while the vehicle is moving for safety of all occupants.

No refunds due to breakdown of equipment (vehicle) or mechanical failure.

The consumer may resort to one of the Alternative Dispute Resolution entities Consumer Disputes whose name, contact details and address of electronic websites on the list of entities deposited with Consumer Direction. For more information see Portal www.consumidor.pt